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Our Story


We are Jo and Debra. We are as different as chalk and cheese.

Two contrasting personalities: One, a classic stylista who loves simple touches and fine details and the other, an avant garde, colourful trendsetter.

Like an eclectic blend of individual styles, we have come together to promote our love for fashion and to pursue a shared dream.

Together, we have translated our passion, experiences and aspirations into Formasian Label.

Formasian Label is a world built on the vision to encourage, empower and equip women to be beautiful, to boost their confidence, and to discover their brand of uniqueness.

We welcome you to be a part of this beautiful world, where you will find the platform to express yourself with fashion and make-up ideas that will accentuate who you are.

We know your needs, and we are ready to help you fulfil them.

So join our circle of strong, confident, passionate and purpose-driven women, and be the kind of woman that other women look up to.

Welcome to Formasian Label.