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    Designer of the "attachables" series
    Co-Founder & Managing Director of Formasian Label
Introduction to Attachables
Step 1:
Choose a BASIC SET
(All SET comes with a BASIC top/bottom/skirt with collar, cuff, shirt-hem or skirt-hem attachment)
Step 2 (Optional):
Choose more from our wide range of ATTACHMENTS
(collar, cuff, shirt-hem, skirt-hem and more to come)
Step 3:
Attach it to the BASIC top/bottom/skirt!
The BASICs are the foundation of our ATTACHABLE series.  You'll need them to build your mix and match outfits.
Choose from 4 BASIC tops:
- Sleeveless (Miss Oriental)
- Short Sleeve (Gentle Me)
- Long Sleeve (Sleek It)
- Puffy Sleeve (Puff It Up)
And 3 BASIC skirts (with more to come):
- Stretchable Cotton (Simply Skirt)
- Pleather (Ladder It)
- Denim (The Curves)
Should you have any question, please ask our Designer before you purchase or watch our vlog at channel/ UCb7fagltMjO368ZC80o8HUw
Thank you for shopping with Formasian Label!
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